Primary 2 mathematics lesson plan

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Primary 2 mathematics lesson plan

This activity will help students see the logic of creating patterns and help them begin to be able to create their own.

The lesson should begin with the definition of the word 'pattern' things arranged following a rule. The teacher can use an overhead projector and colored transparent shapes to display patterns.

The students will work in groups to discover the rule and extend the pattern.


Each group will then be able to practice creating their own patterns for another group to extend. Begin the lesson by talking about what a pattern is things arranged following a rule. Have the students write the definition in their math journal. Use the overhead projector and transparent shapes to create a pattern.

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Have the students divide into groups of three and discuss what the rule for the pattern is and then extend the pattern by repeating it two times. Come back together as a group to discuss the rule and have one of the groups come up and replicate the pattern on the overhead using the transparent shapes.

Math Lesson Plans

Continue this exercise providing more difficult patterns as the student's confidence and skill level increases. For a closing activity, have each group develop their own pattern and then have the groups rotate to each pattern. They can write the rule and extend the pattern in their math journals.

Encourage them to use crayons or colored pencils to draw the pattern. When all the groups have been able to see each pattern, have each group name their rule and show how the pattern would have been extended. Discuss how everyone did at recognizing the patterns and writing the rules.

This activity can be continued for homework by having students develop three or four patterns at home.

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They can write the rule and draw the pattern in their math journal. The idea of patterns can also be extended into other subjects and the students can be encouraged to find patterns in art, nature, and music.

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Your Email Address. Closure: This activity can be continued for homework by having students develop three or four patterns at home.Teaching any class requires lots of preparation and lesson planning in advance. We know how time consuming and stressful this can be sometimes.

Below you will find Lesson Plans comprehensive lesson plan library, created by teachers for teachers.

Finally and most importantly, teachers sharing with teachers ensures effective planning and effective learning for students. The lesson plan section will dynamically grow as more teachers from the Lessonplans community continue to share their work on the platform. It is our mission to continuously empower and motivate teachers. Plans include a Harry Potter quiz, character description and a lesson on J. K Rowling. Inspected on this topic — 1. It is so easy to register and to upload plans, which is all you could really ask for at the end of a busy school week.

Sell your teaching resources. If you have created a resource that you find great with your class, now is your opportunity to sell it to other teachers and make some money for yourself. Firstly, resources and lesson plans are available for Primary and Secondary across all class levels. Within each lesson or product, you will find clear objectives and a description of materials. Multiple lesson plans and suitable resources available for Teaching Practice. In addition, you can search for content by class, subject or theme or simply use the filters under the search bar to start your search.

User friendlytime efficient and a handy way to make extra cash with little effort. Love it! Earn with us Sell your teaching resources. Open a Shop.Your Email Address. Kindergarten to Grade 2 Math Lesson Plans Adding and Subtracting Decimals - The student will be able to add and subtract numbers with place values to the hundredths.

Ordering Numbers - Students will work together to practice ordering groups of six and seven numbers. They will use their phone numbers and birth dates written on index cards.

Roman Numerals - The student will be able to recognize and name roman numerals up to twenty. Rounding to the nearest five - Students will enjoy practicing rounding numbers as they try to be the first to cover all their numbers in this game of Bingo. The teacher can set the pace for this game. It can be set at a beginning level with a lot of discussion and helps or it can be played as a speed round where students are racing to find the right numbers. Estimating - The student will be able to estimate the cost of three new items and the length of time necessary to save the money for those items.

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned - Students will develop the understanding of how money is an intricate part of every day life. Add and Subtract with Fribbit - Using an Internet based resource to cement mental addition skills using mostly lower order numbers. Addition- The Basics - The students will learn basic number addition. Addition Facts Numbers 2 through 5 - Students will be able to successfully show and write all the ways to make 5 through 9. Animal Math Crackers - For all students to be able to accomplish three line addition.

Apple Graph - To graph the results of apple-tasting after we have read a counting story about apples. Attribute Blocks - Familiarizing the students with the different shapes and sizes found in the shapes provided. Basic Shape to Recognize - Can the student recognize and name the following shapes: Circle, square, and triangle. Building Patterns - The learner will create and extend patterns using actions, words, and objects.

primary 2 mathematics lesson plan

Classification by 3 Attributes - The student will sort objects by classifying according to shape, size and color. Coin Toss Game - Children will know the coins and their worth, they will also be able to toss a bean bag into a bucket. Cooperative Learning With Broken Squares - Although oral language is a huge part of communicating in our society, children also need to learn how to communicate and work together in a non-verbal way.

Count your way through the Candy - Students will use different colors of the same candy to strengthen the skills of adding and subtracting. Counting My Body Parts - The students should be able to add different parts of the body to come up with the total.

Counting To Ten - Lesson will focus on number recognition and counting from one to ten.

primary 2 mathematics lesson plan

Data and Graphing - Make and read a bar graph compare the data on a bar graph to a tally chart. Dog or Cat? Domino Addition - The learner will develop fluency in addition with facts equaling up to twelve.Some units are easier and your child can progress through those more quickly.

The harder units will probably take more time. Please note that if you follow these lesson plans, your child will probably have to do math through some of the summer.

Doing math through the summer also prevents my kids from forgetting what they have learned during the year. If you use these lesson plans, you may notice that at times it may look like I have skipped review pages or tests. What I have done is spread these out to provide frequent review. The assignment for these reviews or tests will sometimes come further on in the lesson plans.

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Please note that these lesson plans are only meant to be a guide of how the various books fit together. They are certainly not meant to dictate how much math your children should be doing each day.

Primary Math 1A Lessons. Primary Math 1B Lesson Plans. Primary Math 2A Lessons. Primary Math 2B Lessons. Primary Math 3A Lessons. Primary Math 3B Lessons. Primary Math 4B Lessons. Primary Math 5A Lessons. Primary Math 5B Lessons. Primary Math 6A Lessons.

primary 2 mathematics lesson plan

Primary Math 6B Lessons. Like this: Like LoadingCreating a powerful, multi-disciplinary lesson plan with support and extension activities takes time.

We get it. Maths lesson plans? Mathletics has you covered.

primary 2 mathematics lesson plan

Designed by the team of educators at Mathletics to support teachers in the classroom. Mathletics makes it easy for busy teachers to make comprehensive, differentiated lesson plans that will engage and challenge their classes. Start a free trial and see how Mathletics can:. Start your school trial.

Start your home trial. Aligned to meet targeted expectations of the Australian Curriculum, including suggestions for modifications and extensions of learning.

Use Mathletics activities and content in new and targeted ways in the classroom. Each lesson is structured to run for approx 45 minutes. Year 1. Download the complete set of maths lesson plans for Year 1 classrooms.

Year 2. Download the complete set of maths lesson plans for Year 2 classrooms. Year 3. Download the complete set of maths lesson plans for Year 3 classrooms. Year 4. Download the complete set of maths lesson plans for Year 4 classrooms. Year 5. Download the complete set of maths lesson plans for Year 5 classrooms.

Year 6. Download the complete set of maths lesson plans for Year 6 classrooms. Make lesson planning quick and simple with Mathletics. Provide you with thousands of curriculum aligned activities.

Make it simple to differentiate learning with simple grouping and assigning features. Keep you up to date with student progress and development with benchmarking assessments.Lesson Plans.

Grade Level Lessons. Subject Area Lessons. Become a Teachers. Net sponsor! New Jobs on Teachers. View Jobs Post Jobs. Mathematics Lesson Plans. Grade Level:Subject: Mathematics. Grade Level: MiddleSubject: Mathematics. Grade Level: KindergartenSubject: Mathematics. Concepts taught: multpilying numbers using base-ten blocks. Grade Level: allSubject: Mathematics. Concepts taught: Divisor, Dividend, Remainder, Divison. Concepts taught: Basic geometry shapes.

Grade Level: AdvancedSubject: Mathematics. Concepts taught: Transformations, Symmetry. Parent Functions, Transformations, and Piecewise Functions. Concepts taught: Functions and Transformations. Grade Level: SeniorSubject: Mathematics.

Math Lesson Plans

Concepts taught: Solves word problem involving addition in similar fraction. Concepts taught: Perimeter and Surface Area. Concepts taught: Compound Interest Loan Calculations. Concepts taught: Simplifying fractions, all fractions. Concepts taught: math in 3D, practical geometry.

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Concepts taught: multiplication and averages. Using Geometer's Sketchpad for Triangle study.The following resources are available for educators to use in the classroom. These resources contain links to units and lesson plans that are Common Core-aligned. Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School.

Sign In. Search Our Site. This Site. Phone Directory. See More at Delaware. Instruction and Assessment. Units and Lesson Plans for Mathematics The following resources are available for educators to use in the classroom. While not all of these materials have been vetted by the Delaware Department of Education, they are from respected resources. The Curriculum Development for Mathematics page provides tools for evaluating lesson materials. Model Units and Lessons.


The following units were created by Delaware teachers and coaches as they engaged in professional learning to support unit planning.

Each unit is saved in. The Number System 6. NS Ratios and Proportional Relationships 6. EE Unit Guide docx. For more information on materials or to suggest content for this page, contact Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development at Questions or Feedback?

NS Unit Guide pdf. RP Unit Guide pdf. EE Unit Guide pdf. NS Unit Guide docx. RP Unit Guide docx. Quadratic Functions Unit Guide pdf. Quadratic Functions Unit Guide docx.


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